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RBC Race Mark Coordinates

Centre     N 44 37.858        W 080 33.255
Mark 1     N 44 37.108        W 080 34.115
Mark 2     N 44 38.858        W 080 32.330
Mark 3     N 44 38.608        W 080 34.115

Other Mark Locations

South Range Mark                   TMG      N 44 44.191           W 080 35.573
Thornbury Fairway Mark       TT          N 44 34.292           W 080 26.913



For those members who prefer cruising or day sailing come join us for the flotilla outings. It’s done for fun, and you may be surprised by who’s behind you.

Life Jacket Rule

All racers must be wearing life jackets at race start…once across the line it’s up to you…on a good windy day it’s a good idea to keep it on.

Rain Dates

Races called off because of bad weather will be re-sheduled to the following day (Sunday)


RBC Club races are open to club boats only, but if you’re interested in crewing and you can get to the skipper’s meeting at the RBC clubhouse, Meaford, Ontario at 11:45 am the day of the race, there should be a spot for you.

The RBC Regatta is an open regatta …all sailboats are welcome…come on out it’s a fun race.

Start Times

Skipper’s meeting at 11:45 a.m.
Race Start Warning Signal: 1:00 p.m.

Starting sequence

All yachts are requested to check in with the RACE COMMITTEE BOAT and be acknowledged before the warning signal of the start sequence.
Monitor VHF Radio Channel 06

Warning – 5 minutes to start – Sound
Preparatory - 4 minutes to start – Sound
One Minute – 1 minute to start – Sound
START – Sound


Boats must not cross the start line within one minute of the start of a race, otherwise they must round either end of the start line without any rights until they are behind the start line.

RBC Racing rules (pdf file)

-OR, if you are interested –

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