RBC Apparel

A basic T-shirt is available for purchase from the club, printed in Meaford, the shirt features a colourful RBC image centred on the front.

No fuss, just drop $20 and grab your size.


Or Do It Yourself at the

The RBC Apparel Store

To get more flexibility I’ve set up an online store where you can order just about any style/size of shirt/sweat/hooded sweat/hoodie/whatever.

Men’s Styles
Women’s Styles
Childrens Styles

even classy embroidered products (at a price)

There are 2 logo options:


the standard RBC logo in blue for light coloured shirts or white for dark coloured shirts
best for small stuff and embroidery.


or the enhanced full colour dimensional RBC image
cool on big stuff… use a white or light buff shirt for this one

If you are brave you can customize your shirt, move the logo to the back, choose a different style or colour of shirt.

Just go to the store, choose your shirt and buy it, or choose logo that you like and put it on something. You can also make your own design (maybe your boat name) and slap that on your crew shirts.

Picture 7

Have fun!

Go to the RBC Apparel Store

Here are a few products that are ready to go on the store site, use them as they are – just choose your size(s) and pay.
OR use them as a base to customize your shirt, or bag, or hat, whatever.


A few notes about the store
The prices will range from about $30 and up (cheaper if you order more). Delivery is extra. Regular delivery takes about 2 weeks – expedited take a few days.

I ordered the sustainable organic 100% cotton T (first in top row in the pic above) as a test and the quality is great, very silky and light (even Jo was impressed). It cost me $35.73 including shipping- took just over 2 weeks to get here.